Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas on the Road

Thursday, between napping and checking the weather, I was able to get the bag pack and the car loaded for my trip.  Was able to get some sleep.  Did not need to make a early start, only about 450 miles to Dodge City.

Had some concerns when i headed out from the driveway.  The gravel road was icy under the snow.  I was not able to back up from the mailbox to drive down to RT 92.  Had to take the alternate rouse via US 6.

Once i got on the road, there were some unusual sounds from the front end of the car, specially when turning.  Everything had been fine until the car sat in the driveway during the snow storm.  Figuring there is nothing majpr wrong with the car, I took it easy as I headed out.  As i drove, the noise was abating.  Leaving Omaha, it was gone.  Think it bust have been some snow/ice accumulation giving the problem.

Was foggy this morning.  Not too cold (in the upper 20s).  The route for today was I-80 to York, NE, then South into Kansas and Southwest to Dodge City.  The temperature strated dropping after I went through Lincoln.  At about the Nebraska/Kansas line, it was down to 18, 

Salina, the temperature started to rise again with hints of sun to the Southwest. Did stop for a couple photos along the way.  Checked in my Dodge City hotel at about 3;30.  Temperature was a reasonable 47 deg.  Spent some time on the computer and then off looking for some food.  Opted for sub, chips and Gatorade from a convenience store.  Wanted to pick up a new water "go" cup, so one stop was all I had to make during my shopping trip

Checking, it seams that the southern storm is intensifying.  At last check, Roswell is expecting about a foot of snow and traveling is not advised from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.  Looks like I will have to skip Roswell in this trip.  Thinking of driving to Santa Rosa and re=checking the weather and roads.  Stay in Santa Rosa or drove on to Alamogordo.

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