Thursday, November 15, 2007

Me, My Bike, and the Trail

I was going to title this post "Back to Normal". But that is not really the case. Yes, my ride today was about the same as my ride Saturday. But since the awesome ride Sunday. there is no more "normal" for my riding. I headed back to Manawa this afternoon.

My first lap today was slow (picking up downed branches, getting back riding after 3 days off, etc). By the time I made my second full lap, I was back in the groove - just not "everything clicks" ride.

As I rode and was critiquing my ride, I felt that I am starting to be one with my bike. I lift up off of the saddle when riding through a dip - my legs becoming a part of the suspension. My mind registers roots, branches, and trail surface then just ride on. I do not look at the bike tire or the trail right in front of me - I see the trail but do not ponder it.

Now I like riding paved trails and limestone trails. For one thing, I need riding them so that I do not get bored with singletrack. But I do not feel one with the bike when riding pavement or limestone. Guess my mind has time to wander, my eyes watch other items around the trail.

But when I ride singletrack, it is just me, my bike and the trail. My mind finds such peace, comfort, and relaxation in the wooded singletrack. Nirvana!

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