Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back in the Saddle, in the Dirt

Sure missed riding - but the weather did not cooperate for riding in Wisconsin. On top of that, I caught a head cold on the trip.

Tuesday I just had to get out for spinning session at Xtreme Wheels. Not sure if it helped. I cold was bad Wednesday, but I felt better about exercising.

Today the late morning was a sunny and with light breeze, changing to "windy". As I headed out to ride at Manawa, the clouds came in. Still have a good ride. Cut the ride short due to the head cold - didn't want to press my luck!

I wanted to get out, ride, and check my newer riding gear. Last year, the riding clothes were good down to about 45 deg. Now, my goal is to be able to ride down to freezing. Today was a day to check the gear at 46 deg. The additional layer on my legs worked well. The new helmet (Giro 540 freeride style) kept my head warm. I will need to get a jacket that breathes better - I was getting alternating warm and chilled.

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