Saturday, November 10, 2007

Singletrack Mind

At breakfast this morning, a friend of mine described me as having a "singletrack mind". (Thanks Dave - I like the term.) Let my try to explain.

I tend to work to find the root of the problem and bring up with single, working solutions. No wandering or waffling. Lets get to the point and can the extra garbage. No "one track" mind, but a "singletrack" mind.

There's another way to look at things. At least here in our area, mountain bikers (that breed of cyclists that have a passion riding in the dirt - singletrack) seem to get things done. No long, protracted discussions. No endless tabling of issues. They/we seam to just "get it done". Maybe that's why I like working with T.H.O.R., Psycowpath, and others.

Please, folks, don't take this the wrong way. Some times it takes hitting up on the side of the head with a 2x4 to get attention. But damn it, once they/we realize something needs to done, it gets done at lightning speed.

On another subject, I rode at Manawa today. Great to be in the dirt. Rodes over 12 miles today. The trails are in awesome condition. The only problem is that lots of leaves have finally dropped. Now, I ride almost every week at Manawa, but today I missed one turn in the trail. From the photo, it looks that I am not the only one that missed that turn! (The trail turns to the right there).

Get out and ride!

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