Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trek 69er Demo

Today was the ride I was have been anticipating. The Trek Demo tour make it to Omaha with a 69er dual suspension mountain bike. The Trek 69er has a 26" rear wheel and a 29" front wheel.

I have looking at this bike for several reasons:
1) considering a dual suspension bike - with all the different places I ride
2) the larger front tire rolls over roots, rocks, etc.
3) keeping the 26" rear wheel gives me better acceleration and climbing. (takes a lot to move my weight)
4) I rode enough that I could justify another bike.

The trailer had a medium frame Top Fuel 69er. This was my first test ride of the day. The M frame is a small for me, but I was still impressed with the handling. I was able to climb easily (seemed better climbing than with my Trek 4300). The roots of Swanson Park did not bother me. I exchanged the bike for a large frame hard tail 69er. That is the size I need.

Not ready to purchase a new bike, yet. Maybe when I demo the large frame dual suspension 69er. Oh yeah, need to save some money. The bike is a LOT more $$ than my 4300.

In other news: For me, this was the last Friday Night Mountain Bike Ride for the season. With the time change, I want to ride in the daylight. It was a great season. catch everyone on the other trails (or in the Spring).

On my way home from Swanson, I decided to do a lap (my shortened lap) at Manawa. After all, I had my bike with me. Beautiful day for a bike ride. I know I need to work on some of the more technical aspects of my riding. For now, I am enjoying the riding and I know my non-technical riding is getting better.

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Thanks for all the rides!!