Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steamboat Trace

Dennis and I headed to Nebraska City today to check out the Steamboat Trace. Now, we knew it might be windy, but with the trees and the bluffs, figured we would be sheltered. For about the first 6+ miles we were sheltered. The ride was pretty good, considering we were mostly riding into the wind. Our goal was riding to Peru.

All that changed. We came out of the woods into the open. Over a mile we were riding right into the wind - guessing about a 20 mph wind (more on that later). The map that was retrieved on the web site lead us to believe the ride from the Nebraska City trail head to Peru would be about 8-10 miles.

In the woods, we were riding at about 10-13 mph. Out in the open, at times we were down to 6-7 mph!.

When we reached 10 miles, still riding into the windy and mostly in the clear, we gave up. For what we could gather, it would be another 2+ miles to Peru, we did not have the energy to do that in the wind.

The ride back was a "breeze". On the open section, I clocked the wind at 20 mph. That's the speed I was riding to get the point where I could not feel any wind.

A note about the Steamboat Trace - it needs a lot of work. The crushed limestone trail bed is badly eroded in areas. I was happy that I rode my mountain bike rather the hybrid with the rigid fork. It would have been nice to have a full suspension bike!

Once I have time, there will be more photos of our ride on the Steamboat Trace. (Check my NaugaBike web site.)

Yesterday, I rode the Wabash Trace from Silver City to Malvern. Beautiful day for a bike ride - 70 degrees, light wind, sunny.

Now I need my dirt fix!

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