Friday, October 12, 2007

Night Ride @ Manawa

Overcast evening, no moon, Riding at 6:30 and later. Hmmm - night ride. This was an experience.

I found that I need to concentrate on the trail, not look at or worry about the light. No steering so that the light shines on the trail -- ride my lines, the light will follow.

It is better riding solo with a light. Otherwise ride in the trailing position. When leading the ride, the other lights are a distraction.

During our ride, the sky started dripping on us, not enough to stop riding. Was over in no time. See what the weather has in store for us tomorrow.

I will not be riding the Friday Night Ride the next two weeks. The 19th is the Bike Bash @ Platte River. The 26th is Xtreme Wheels Full Moon Ride.



Watch out for those fully exposed tree roots...just as BLUEIF what can happen if you snag one!

BigWheelRider said...

ask BLUEIF...I forgot the K