Tuesday, October 2, 2007

FORUM on T.H.O.R. Web Site

Over the last couple days, I have been working on adding a blog and/or bulletin board on the T.H.O.R. web site. Success - at least partially.

First, I installed a blog using software by our web site hosting provider. Not really pleased with that software - in both function and appearance. So, opted for a Forum / Bulletin Board. At least we will have a 2-way communication with the Officers/Board and the members/mountain bike community. The bonus is that the bulletin board software lets up setting up bulk e-mailings!

Please take a look at the new T.H.O.R. Trail Boards. (Link on the T.H.O.R. web site HOME page). Definitely a project in works.

Headed off for a pavement ride yesterday. Need to get some saddle time. My body was not cooperating. Could not get the energy for a good 20+ mile ride. Maybe it was all that garbage food I ate Sunday. Anyway, still got in 14+ miles at over 12mph.

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