Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Record Ride

This morning I decided to ride after breakfast and fore go the Tuesday Evening Ride - after all, the Temp got up to 100 today! Anyway, I rode the Wabash Trace up to Margaritaville. I felt great so pushed it up the hill. Most of the time I was riding at almost 11 mph up the hill.

It only took my 32 minutes to get up to Margaritaville. Fasted time for me. What the heck, might as well fly down to the trailhead and see what a round trip time I can make. And fly I did - riding about 18-21 mph. That was really exhilarating.

All done, I made the trip (not counting the stop at Margaritaville) in 53 minutes! My earlier record was 57 minutes.

In other news - I finalized my entry for the "What's Your Mission" contest. Wish me well. My entry should be published at: http://www.drwhatsyourmission.blogspot.com/

Oh yeah, I made my 1000 miles for the year!

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BLUEIF said...

gettin faster all the time.