Monday, July 2, 2007

Behind in my "work"

Whew, I have gotten a bit behind in posting my photos. I think I have a good reason - been spending a LOT of time creating and updating the new T.H.O.R. (Trails Have Our Respect) web site. Still lots to do on it, but I think we are getting what want -- and lots more information on the web site.

I have been getting out to ride - keeps my sanity and keeps the weight down. Not lots of miles - a lot of mountain biking. Rode 53 miles on pavement and 28 in singletrack - guess that really isn't too bad for 1 week.

Missed our Sunday Morning Tour de Bluffs - was riding at Swanson before the race. Took another 200 photos at the race. Demo'd a Trek FuelX8 mountain bike. That is a ride I could get used to!

Started processing the Ponca pics. Will get to the others one of these days. I had to do something different on the computer - played some of my "Railroads!" game.

Oh, yeh - the picture was on our Friday Night Mountain Bike ride at Lake Manawa.


BLUEIF said...

Hey, Hey lookin good out there.
See you on Friday!!

BLUEIF said...

I just checked out the new THOR site it looks GREAT!!
A Big Thanks!

VeloCC said...

It was great to see you at Manawa:)

Swanson said...

Dude rip it up!