Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday the 13th

URGH - the gremlins were at work. The car's "Check Engine" light came on. Then heading out for Friday MtB ride, I got "Low Tire Pressure" light. Checked out the tires but none need air - so went on to my ride.

Great ride - thanks for the ride group! The last section, I lead and had made a fast (for me) lap over East and West Sidewinder. Really energized with that ride. Just have to watch the heart rate doing that - got a little high.

The Sidewinders have been my favorite trails at Manawa, but thinking Fast Track is getting to be the best fun. The photo is of Fast Track.

Backing up a little - God ride Tuesday Evening - 3 of us went to Dumfries and flew back down the hill.

Saturday, I overslept (could not sleep well after the ride Friday night), so did not get my morning ride before breakfast. My friend Chuck came by to visit, check the surplus store and had lunch. Went over to Manawa in the late afternoon for my ride. Good ride, even if not as pumped as on the Friday ride.

I just completed processing the photos from my Army reunion - will get the CD's burned. Now heading out for Sunday Morning Ride.

Thanks for Chamois Butt'r, I could ride this morning.


BLUEIF said...

The last part of the ride was great! Thanks for leading it out.


Watch out for those little gnomes that hop over you...they can be quite devilish!