Saturday, August 25, 2007

And They're Off

Luckily, today dawned clear and dry. Perfect weather for a race (upper 70s to lower 80s). After breakfast, I gathered up my camera equipment, stopped at Xtreme Wheels to demo a bike, and headed to Swanson Park.

The Nebraska State NORBA championship race was held this afternoon. That was the last of the Psycowpath 07 races - and I got shots at each one. Looks like I took some 1775 photos, which are on my web site (today's race probably will be posted Thursday).

With all the rain the last week, it was touch and go it the trail would be dry enough for the race. Thanks to Martin, Christine, et al, the course was in great shape.

One of the racers told me that my photos have been getting better -- happy to hear that. I know they are appreciated. After retouching today's photos, I have one remaining item to work on - that's making DVD(s) of the photos from the Banquet.

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VeloCC said...

Thanks Tom for all your work. We are so happy to have you on board:)
It's always good to see you out on the trail, whether on your bike or shooting pictures.