Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not Good Riding Weather

Did not get out much to ride the last week. Last Sunday we cut short our Sunday Morning Ride - just too hot. Most of the week it was hot, humid and rainy.

I DID go out and ride Friday morning - Nice, cool morning but quickly warmed up. I woofed down so food (mostly some cookies) and headed out to rode. Mistake! I did not let the food digest before I rode. On the way home a tossed my cookies (literally). Urgh. Hope there was a good turn out for the Friday MtB Ride.

Early start on Saturday. Drove to Stanton, NE for the Maskenthine XC Classic mountain bike race. I brought the bike hoping to ride a little to check out this new singletrack trail. But, by the time I arrived and checked in with the host club, it was time to get ready to take photos. And it was just TOO hot to ride later. Got up to about 99 that day. Hoping to get the photos processed an on my web site Thursday.

This morning I prepared for our Sunday Morning Ride. Dennis wimped out on me because of the heat and humidity. No word from John. So, I headed to Manawa to ride some singletrack. The trail is mostly dry with a few sticky spots and a couple greasy areas. Found on dead fall over the trail in Wood Chopper - reported it to our trail leader. Forgot my camera so no pics today.

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