Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Manawa Trail Work

This evening I helped trail work. The work day was scheduled last week, in preparation for the Memorial Ride Sunday. I started manning a weed whacker. Made it through "No Second Chance". The heat and humidity in the woods was stifling. No air moving. Called it quits after a little over an hour.

The storm last night really wreaked havoc on the trees. In addition to myriad of branches, I came across one large tree down.

Would have liked to work more, but the heat had taken out it of me (though I was feeling better out in the air).

Figured the trail be too wet to ride, but walking back to work, I found it ridable - and saw some riders (Hi Rich). How, if the weather can reroute some of this rain forecast for this week...

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POLOSCAB said...

That place grows so quick. I headed east, going backwards. All I had with me were loppers. There were so many thick plants and vines, there was no way a weedeater was going to clear them.
I clipped away for an hour and a half. Then headed home to clear that mess from monday night. I am not sure which was worse. Kudos to you guys who maintain manawa. I am convinced that it is the toughest trail to keep up with.