Sunday, December 30, 2007

First snow singletrack ride

This morning I decided to join (late) the group riding in the snow at Lake Manawa. This was the first time I rode singletrack in the snow. I had been seeing all of the posts on MBTOmaha, had to get out and try it.

It was like learning to ride all over again. My balance and coordination seemed to be all screwed up. I took my time, but made a very short lap.

Meeting the group, Ryan and Martin let a bunch of the air out of my tires. Guess "soft" means "almost flat"! It did make a big difference.

Maybe I will ride again tomorrow - before the big thaw forecast later in the week.

New Year Day ride (in the snow) at Manawa - 2pm. Thanks for calling the ride, Martin. See you Tuesday.

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