Friday, December 28, 2007

Iowa Caucus

It is just 6 days to the Iowa Caucus. This entry is aimed at my fellow Iowa residents.

Normally I would not express political issues in my bicycling blog, but this is a pivotal campaign. It has been MANY years since there is no sitting President or Vice-President running. Our "First-In-The Nation" caucuses start the process to elect our next president.

With all of the issues facing our country, it is imperative that Iowans get out to the caucuses. Even if you are an independent, I understand you can register a party affiliation at the caucus.

Caucuses start at 6:30pm, January 3rd. You must be in the caucus location before 7:00pm - that's when the doors are locked.

Get out and exercise your right.

If you are interested, I am a Precinct Captain for John Edwards for President 08.

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