Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good Bike Ride

After over a month and a half hiatus from bicycle riding, yesterday afternoon I HAD to get out for a ride.  The weather was perfect for mid November - 50 degrees, sunny, and almost no wind.  Didn't take me time to kit up, load the hybrid on the car, and head to the Wabash trace Trailhead in Council bluffs.

Aired up the tired on the bike, loaded the bike with provisions (water, Gatorade, rack bag, etc) and headed out to Lake Manawa.  Because I had not ridden much recently, I wanted to take it easy and not sure how far I would go. 

Topped to take a couple photos of the Lake Manawa Trail.  At the indian Creek Bridge, it was decision time.  With a drink of water, I was ready to continue up Indian Creek Bridge and on around Lake Manawa.  No speed records - averaged 8.27mph for the 11 mile ride.   Just a gread day to be out on the bike.

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