Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Mexico State Fair and Wrangler PRCA Rodeo

My cousin Don and I attended the New Mexico State Fair on fair military day.  As veterans, it cost us just $2 each admission to the fair.  This helped take out the sting out of the $20 parking.  I had splurged on the parking to I did not have to walk so far from the car to the fair entrance and back after the rodeo.

We watched a couple dogs jumping from a "dock" ala Dave Letterman.  I had not eaten because of fasting for a physical exam earlier in the day.  Stopped to "feast" on fair food.  On down Main Street and looked at some of the exhibits of Native American and Hispanic handiwork.

By this time, my left knee was giving me problems,  After rest, we headed toward the Tingley Coliseum to wait for the rodeo.

The was a tribute to military and veterans.  There was a special tribute to us Viet Nam Veterans, recognizing the name calling and worse we were subjected to when we got home.

The rodeo was a typical PRCA rodeo.  We determined that the cattle won the rodeo.  Seemed many of the cowboys were not in their groove. Check my photography blog for information of my photo shoot.  I learned lots and ended up taking over 150 photos at the fair.

The rodeo was over about 9 pm.  Don and I took out time exiting the coliseum and walking to the car.  I dropped Don near his home and headed toward Rio Rancho.  Stopped by The Local Brewhouse for a pint of amber ale before heading home and bed,

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