Thursday, September 29, 2016

Balloon Fiesta SNAFU

When I got to ham radio club Thursday breakfast/coffee, the group was-a twitter, having to go to the Balloon Fiesta grounds to remove (and supposedly re-assemble) the booth.  I  have heard different problems with what we had set up from the tent was not pretty (is soiled), the test was  blocking a large tent door, we were set up where the fiesta wants to park emergency vehicles. 

Anyway, a few of us went out and disassembled the tent and stored in into the club trailer.  The Fiesta folks were supposed to have a replacement tent for us to use all set up for us in a different location.  Alas. there was no tent for us as far as we could see.  Our chairman called the person we coordinated with from the fiesta.  When we were done packing up, she had not gotten back to us as to what we were to do.  So we exited the park with our equipment until and if we get word where we can operator and take part of the fiesta.

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