Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Colors - Enchanted Circle

TV here in the Albuquerque area has been touting the Fall colors,  In the N. New Mexico mountains. the colors were forecast to be peak about the first of October.  Since I would be busy volunteering at the HDARC tent ant Balloon Fiesta, I decided to make a drive today.

Got an early start, was past Santa Fe when the sky started showing some light.  Wanted some breakfast, but saw nothing comcenient until I got to the outskirts of Taos.  Filled up gas in the car.  Next door I saw El Taosena Restaurant.

When on the road, I like to eat at local establishments.  The problem is you may not what you are getting.  There were a lot of cars out front of El Taosena, usually a good sign.  Had a waffle and sausage pattie.  Did not want to trust my stomach on any Mexican dish lest the food come right through me while on the road.  Not impressed, food was just warm.  Was finished with my food before I got a second cup of coffee.

On up the road.  Drive the Enchanted Circle in  clockwise direction.  This was an error, Much of the drive, I was driving into the sun.  The forest in this part of New Mexico is mostly conifersm with a splattering of poplars. Disappointing for someone that has experience the colors of New England hardwoods.

It was a beautiful day for the drive.  Was a little chilly when I stopped for breakfast, but quickly warmed up as the sun rose.  Did not stop on the drive, except to take photos.  No reason to stop and shop for keepsakes, not room in the new house.

When I got to Espanola on the way back home, I needed to use the facilities.  Took the time to pick up a snack, Powerade, and ice cream bar.  Was home in Rio Rancho about 2pm.  Grabbed my cameras out of the car, into the house, took off my boots and jeans, crashed on the bed.

I brought several cameras with me.  The only two I used were the Canon 60D with Tamron 18-200 mm lens and the Canon Rebel T1i with canon 75-300 mm (1.6 cf).  the 60D was set up for shooting bracketed exposures for my HDR software.

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