Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hamfest Part 2

I was exhausted last night.  Slept off and on from about 6 pm until 8 am.  Headed back to the convention hotel a little after 11 am.  After noon, members if HDARC were holding a soldering class to some of the school students.  (photo here).

Most of the rest of the afternoon, I manned (kept and eye on) the club's display tables.  Took a break to do a little shopping and get instructions for programming my new HT.  Bought a couple USB cables, some clip jumper leads, and the cable to programming my new HT.

Then it was time to attend the Digital Modes Forum.  I am now excited to find my Icom 707 and power supply so I can start assembling a digital mode station.

For dinner, I picked up one of the leftover box lunches for giving a donation.  Checked e-mail back here at the house and then early to bed.

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