Friday, May 31, 2013

Hayward, Wisconsin

Was a long day on the road today.  Did not getting much sleep last night, so ended up very tired this evening.

Weather was decent most of the drive.  Started getting some strong winds from the South in southern Minnesota.  Speed really slowed once i got off the Interstate.  Picked up tourist booklets/brochures when I crossed into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Checked in my motel - Riverside Motel - in Hayward.  Previous times, i had been staying at the Super 8, but that has cnaged hands.  So, figured I might as well check a local motel, specially as its less expensive!  (about $20 a night cheaper).  Nice, large, old motel room.  Has a microwave, mini-fridge, and coffee pot!  And, of course, free Wi-Fi.

Napped for a little then headed up to OO Trailhead for registration.  Got that business done, visited with Hansi (IMBA region director).  Too tired to ride this afternoon - would likely end ho crashing - so left the bikes at the motel.  Knew I was too tired to hang around for the meet and greet this evening, so headed back to the motel.

Storm clouds were gathering over Hayward Lake.  Today's photo was taken from the patio of the motel.  Soone, it was raining.  Time for me to get some dinner.

Was looking forward to eating at the Angry Minnow.  They support the festival and has had some good food.  This evening, I was disappointed.  Three years ago, I had a great pork tenderloin and fries.  Two years ago, they had good burgers and the tenderloin sandwich was thicker and smaller (not as good).

This evening, I saw that they have very trimmed the menu.  Three fancy burger, avacado, or sunny-side egg, or some other concoction.  I opted with the plain cheddar burger (1/4 #) with fries.  The only offer burgers cooked medium.  A order of fries is size of 2-3 normal orders - and cost $3.00!  Not impressed and let the server that I was disappointed with the changes.  Next time, I will pass on food at the Angry Minnow.

Bed time.  I am exhausted and have a little headache. 

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