Monday, May 13, 2013

A Busy Sunday

Normal Sunday morning coffee at Panera with John & Dennis.  Nothing big shaking.  Did talk a little with John about his live streaming work Saturday.

While there, got a call from high school friend. he and his wife was in town (knew they might try to stop by).  Met them at Village Inn for pie and coffee.  Nice visit.

Relaxed a little at home. but by noon, the weather was just too nice to say inside.  Knowing the I will be in the hospital for sever days this week, I loaded the hybrid on the car rack and drove to the Wabash Trace trailhead. 

Was debating of ride there or take the hardtail to Silver City to ride The Trace.  Buth knowing the fridge is pretty bare, wanted to have a steakburger at Freddies after the ride.  So, it was a ride to and around Lake Manawa.

Beautiful day for a bike ride and lots of folks on the trails.  Low 60s, sunny, and a very light breeze from the NW.  The broken trail surface reported on the 7th, has been replaced (See photo).  While the construction tape was not stretched over the trail, the concrete was looking a little damp,, yet.  I opted to walk around the trail section - don't want to leave tire tracks in concrete!

While riding, another friend called me and wanted to stop by.  End of the ride, loaded the bike on the car rack and headed to Freddies for a late lunch.  After food, stopped at the Trails Center for a short visit.  Wanted to see if they had "Adventures in SouthWest Iowa".  The cover of Summer 2013 issue is a photo I took on The Trace.

Chuck stopped by for a short visit.  By this time, I was exhausted.  Early to bed.

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