Monday, March 28, 2016

Day to Play Tourist

I needed to get out of the room and out of town Sunday.  Was thinking of taking a bike ride, but was a little chilly until late in the afternoon.  I decided to head up the Turquoise Trail.

Tinkertown Museum had opened the day before.  I had wanted to see the place, so it was my first destination.  Interesting little place - patterned off Wisconsin's House on the Rock. Shot a lot of photos in the little museum.  Building a wed site page of the photos.

From there, I headed north in NM 14 to Madrid.  Was thinking of scoping out places there. Madrid is a revitalized "ghost town".  Lots of artisans, shops, and old buildings. Even being Easter Sunday, the town was hopping.  A little too much so for me to enjoy checking out the town.  So, I headed on North almost to Santa Fr and headed South on I-25 to Albuquerque.

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