Saturday, March 26, 2016

House Hunting Day

Saturday was the day to look at houses.  Started with breakfast with the High Desert Amateur Radio Club.  Then met my realtor and we started in Rio Rancho.

Three of the houses in Rio Rancho were possibles - meaning that I could see me living in them.  There were 2 we looked at in Albuquerque, just South of I-40 and in the Unser/Coors area.  They were not suitable. 

Back at the real estate office, discussed the houses we inspected.  Selected one with a good price, had every of the items I wanted.  It was close to city bicycle trails, a block from shopping, and about a mile or so from a large medical facility.

My real estate agent met with me and my cousin for a couple pints and sandwiches at Billy's Long Bar.  It was a very productive day.

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