Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Moon Ride

The gnarly burn seems to be getting better. It will be a while - still areas of dead skin needs to be removed.

The hardtail has a bike rack. Yeah, something wrong about a mountain bike with a bike rack. Oh well, it takes stuff off of my back. Yesterday, I took my tools, etc out of the hydration pack and arranged all in the bag for the rack. Charged up the headlight, ready for a bike ride.

Windy evening, so Blaine recommended that we ride the Wabash Trace because of the sheltering trees. Randy arrived on his bike. Zack (and Night Train) brought up the rear (soon passing us).

Rode up to Margaritaville. Stopped for a rest, took group photos, and 3 of us headed back to the shop. Yes, the even got me in one of the photos.

Felt good to be back on the bike. Glad I was only planning to ride the 15 miles. Tired when I got home, but could not sleep.

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