Saturday, April 24, 2010

Radiation Burn

Been off the bikes for a few days, not because of the weather. I have a nasty radiation burn from the treatments. Treating the burn at the Jenny Edmundson Advanced Wound Center.

They covered the burn with dressings. At this time they are "kind-of" staying put. Taking some pain killers. That was originally to help sleep, but also need it once in a while during the day.

No photo for this post. Difficult to take a photo of the burn, and you don't want to see it, anyway!

Looks like I will have to ditch the hydration pack for a while - too irritating for the burn on my back. To carry emergency tool kit, will have to ride the hybrid (which has a rack) or perhaps put a rack on the hardtail.

Oh, my doctor at the wound center is a cyclist. We're everywhere!

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