Saturday, April 17, 2010

Manawa Trail Work

Tuesday afternoon was trail work at Lake Manawa. There was an additional trail evening Sunday, but i was just too tired from the weekend.

Most of the trails are rideable. Just, can't ride a nice loop. There's always a ditch that is mud or still filled with water. The goal of the trail work was to clean up debris from the flood and look at rerouting some problem areas.

Here, Troy and Cody check out a reroute after the log crossing along the river.

There is a reroute in Fast Track - bypasses the eternal wet area. On the same trail there is an optional trail. That has also been done in Tony's Playground. All of these have been raked. The Fast Track reroute has taken hold.

Steve pushed me to sit down for a break. He took a photo of me sitting on a log, but is out of focus.

Here's the trails we cleared (River Front Real Estate, Fast Track, and Tony's Playground.

Trail workers were Steve, Troy, Dale, and myself. Cody was busy checking out the trail and having some fun.

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