Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gnarly Burn

Over the weekend, the situation with my radiation burn got worse. Getting drainage through the dressing. Called the Advanced Wound Cernter and ended up with an afternoon appointment.

When opened up, the nurse said with was getting "gnarly". Much of the area is 2nd or 3rd degree burn. They were happy I came in, instead of waiting until my Thursday appointment.

Cleaned the area, broke a blister, and re-dressed the wound. THAT was not fun! Hurt damned bad.

Now daily cleaning and change dressing. Can't start any other treatment (like hyperbaric) until chemo is done. My chemo drug does not like hyperbaric oxygen.

Dropped the hardtail at the bike shop to get a rack installed. Full Moon Ride Wednesday night, hope I am healthy enough to ride.

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