Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Just had to get out to ride this afternoon. The forecast was for cloudy, with promises of sunny later. By noon I was chomping at the bit and by 1 on the way to the Wabash Trace Trailhead. At that time, it was in the upper 50s and cloudy.

Brought the hybrid to get in some miles. Headed out for Lake Manawa (no climbing for me today). Stopped at the river side boat ramp (mountain bike trails) area to check how the water was receding. The verdict - slow but surely. Caught a shot of the sign advertising Lake Manawa Clean-up Day.

Was debating riding over to the Bob Bridge, but that was a bit longer than I wanted to ride today. Instead, went up the Indian Creek Trail to the Veteran's Memorial Trail. Rode there to the new bridge. The new bridge will include a bicycle/pedestrian path. Another way to get across the Missouri via human power.

Back the same way. Shot some photos of the new bridge decking over Indian Creek. Lots of folks out for a Easter Stroll or Sunday afternoon ride. Max (of Xtreme Century fame) was out with 2 riding friends. A group of BBC (?) riders crossed Indian Creek as I was taking photos.

As I was riding the Lake Manawa Trail back to the car, the sun came out. Better late than never. Stall was a good 19 mile ride (OK, only 18.7 miles @ 11.94 mph but who keeps track?!)

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