Monday, April 12, 2010

When work is done

Sunday was time for fun and relaxation.

I started at Panera to post the photos I took during the trail class and workshop. (Oh yeah, and the BBQ). Then it was meet up for the bike ride with IMBA Trail Care Crew.

This is the FUN part of trail work - the BBQ and bike ride. We had a pretty good turn-out for a Sunday morning ride at Swanson Park. It was the most climbing I have done this year. With in my condition, I was only able to ride about 2.5 miles in the woods.

After a couple laps at Swanson, some went to Jewell. It was enough for me, so headed to Iowa. Stopped at Xtreme Wheels to drop off Psycowpath race posters. Most of the afternoon was spend napping or chatting on the computer.

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