Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swanson River City Shootout

My photos of yesterday's Psycowpath race at Swanson Park are posted on my photo site.
Photo files are $5 plus tax. You will receive the file via e-mail. The files are for your personal use - no commercial use. Print as many as you want.

I will do any touch-up needed before sending you the file.

Thanks to the folks at Edge Physical Therapy for providing the burgers and chips.
Unforunately, I forgot to take a photo of our burgermeister.

Was a long day - did not stay until the end of the race day. Needed to call it a day and rest.

Today having coffee at Panera Bread, then a trip to the hospital to change the dressing on my burn. This afternoon is Lake Manawa Clean-up Day. Finally, planning to ride my bike at Manawa - check out the trails.

Have a good day.

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