Sunday, May 23, 2010

Speaking of bike rides

Last week I rode over to check out the new South Omaha Bridge (Veteran's Memorial Bridge). From the Iowa side, its looking nearly completed. They are pouring the decorative red concrete in the median. i have heard that one of my cycling friends has ridden across the bridge.

The new bridge has a bicycle/pedestrian lane on the North side. This will then give us another safe river crossing.

There is still a section of the Veteran's Memorial Trail from the levee to the motel that have not been completed.

While riding one day this week, I started thinking about how many miles I have ridden in the less than 5 years I have been riding. Thinking that it has to be near 10,000, I totaled it up. I am at about 10,600 miles! Some time last Fall I hit the 10K - no fan fare, just pedaled past it.

Yesterday, I attended the THOR Trail day at Lewis & Clark Memorial. Taking it easy, I took photos and procured refreshments. Check out thee photos at

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