Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 3 - BHFTF

And now for something completely different...

I took my time getting to the festival yesterday morning. The trail runners were just leaving - no time to get there to take photos. But, the group was organizing for freeriding.

We carpooled to Storm Mountain. The group started with hike-a-bike up the mountain. About a quarter up the trail (from one of the riders) I decided that was high enough, There was a good, rock decent there and 2 jumps.

Spent nearly 2 hours there shooting riders at this spot. The light played havoc with the camera light meter. Hope I can touch up a couple more of the photos.

Since I was in the area, and it was that time, lunch as the Gas Light.

Stopped HQ to checking my receipts and claim tickets for Beer-Muda. i was sure the Gas light was one of the sponsors, but they are not this year. So I only had the receipt for Friday lunch at the Firehouse.

Napped and did some stuff in the room. Then off the watch the Strider demo race. The Tri-athalon was just about to start at so stopped to take some photos of the start.

The Strider race was probably the highlight of the races at the festival. Big boys racing downhill on little bikes. The only way to describe the was by a photo.

The day ended with the BBQ. Grilled burgers of beef, venison, buffalo, veggy burgers, and chicken with all the fixin's. There was music and beer, sopped off by raffles.

A couple of glitches there. In interest of time, they started drawing winning tickets before everyone got their tickets. I was finishing in the food line when the raffle started. (I was fortunate to win cycling shorts - and they even fit me!)

Once I had some time to get over to get my beer (2 tickets came with your dinner), the keg was dry. Luckily, the Festival purchased a second keg. When I went for my beer, I took BOTH of my cups, lest they run out again. (They did but the party was almost done). When one of the workers of the festival said he was pretty sure the one group of raffle prizes were all there was, I was disappointed. There seemed to be more swag for the racers than raffle prizes. Alas, we were wrong there were another general raffle, Finally Beer-Muda Triangle raffle.

By the time everything ended, I was tired, cold, and my brain was fried from the noise. Took me some time to settle down to sleep.

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