Thursday, May 27, 2010


Wednesday I headed out for the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival. On the way, I decided to detour into Mitchell, SD. Had been a while since I had been to the Corn Palace. Shot a few set of photos. Processed them as HDR photos.

From there it was on the the Badlands. Basically, my shots that day were run as sets in 3 for processing as High Dynamic Range photos. Construction on the Badlands Loop Road slowed me down some. I bypassed many of the view points.

Checked into my motel. Problems connection to the internet. There seems to be there was a problem with the motel's router. Got some "heartburn" about it. The desk clerk was worthless for that. The only way I got ANY internet access was by "borrowing) the signal from a neighboring motel. With a very low signal strength, it was very slow and dropped often. Next time - I will NOT stay the Wall EconoLodge.

Ended the day with a shoot for sunset. The sunset was disappointing.

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