Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 2 - BHFTF

Saturday was race day. I was thinking of riding the Fuel EX7 during the day. Dressed in cycling jersey and shorts. But, with race delays (The Super D start was delayed some 1 hour and 20 minutes). The hill climb held right after the end of the Super D.

I had a very good vantage point for shooting the Super D and Hill Climb. Normally, I would post a photo of one of the racers on the course. But today we had a trail pixie near me. Anna, who I met 2 years ago on the Centennial Trail ride.

By the time I got back to Headquarters, it was almost time for the Downhill to start. No time to stop by for some lunch.

As it turned out, the start of the Downhill race was delayed at least an hour. I was too tired from walking and climbing to go up the hill for a jump vantage point. Caught most of the racers as the get near the end of their race.

At 4pm. they were still racing - but I needed to eat before the Film Festival. Off to the motel, change clothes, and headed for the Gas Light. While up on the hill, knowing I would miss lunch, I decided it was a great evening to have a good dinner at the Gas Light (and they are a sponsor of the festival).

For those of you that have not attended BHFTF - you get chances to win swag if you spend money at one of the Festival sponsors. That's the Beer-Muda Triangle raffle.

Saturday ended with the BHFTF Film Fest, featuring amateur films, awards, and swag. (I think mountain bikers thrive on beer, bikes, and swag!) Special film was "Follow Me" - a freeriding film.

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