Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black Hill Fat Tire Festival begins

For the BHFTF, I will be shooting normal exposures - no HDR exposures.

Friday morning I slept in. Needed the rest! Stopped in at the Firehouse for lunch (they are one of the sponsors if the Festival). Then it was to check in an get registration packet.

Bringing the camera, took a couple shots of the venue during set-up. Mostly spend the afternoon visiting with friends from previous BHFTF.

THOR friends - take a look at the trailer that the Black Hills Mountain Bike Association got this past year! The trailer is a great advertisement for the association and sponsors!

At the festival headquarters i learned that the bicycle trail from my motel to the social venue was clear (no flooding). I was worried about that since some crossing are underwater from the heavy rain Rapid City received Monday.

Nap time before the Welcoming Social.

The Social was hosted at the Chop House - same venue for the 4 years. It felt good to be on the bike. Rode the hardtail. Not that far - just about 3.5 miles. The hot day turned into a comfortable evening. Spend more of the time with friends that have ties to Omaha.

After the Welcome Social there was a viewing of "Woman of Dirt" showing at the Elks Theater. I was too tired, so instead headed back to the motel and crashed.

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