Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Bike!?

I have been thinking of getting a road bike. Last year I was pounding the pavement a lot. Started looking at a different ride than the Trek FX (hybrid).

This morning I rode from Xtreme Wheels to Margaritaville on the hardtail. On the way down the hill, I decided to talk with Blaine about a road bike. He had a Gary Fisher Rail in my size (55cm).

Now, I had never ridden a road bike. Once again, the shifting is new to me. It will take some time to get used to it. But, nothing I can't master. The great part of it was the bike geometry was perfect for me.

I felt very comfortable in the riding position. Actually can see better and puts less strain on my neck than the hybrid.

We got down the nitty-gritty. I asked about the components of that bike based on my weight and riding style. Blaine recommended that I consider a shifter upgrade with the miles I put on a bike. I requested a triple ring gear, because with the 3 ring gear "grandma" is a little too fast.

So, I now have a road bike on order. Its not a "Trek" but in the Trek family. White Fisher Rail Super T. The only color is comes in is White. So I will HAVE to ride the same color Fisher bike as Zach! A small price to pay for a bike that fits me to a "T".

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RF said...

YES! That is a great looking machine that you will love! You deserve it!