Friday, May 28, 2010

Rapid City Drivers

I am going to take a break from the "travelogue" of my trip.

Yesterday, I went to visit a friend at one of the bike shops. We had met at previous Black Hills Fat Tire Festivals. I decided to ride my bike - after all, i am here to ride my bikes.

The first 2 years, I stayed up near the interstate. When riding LaCrosse Street down to the bike trail, I had no problem. Last year and this year, my motel is only 2 blocks from the bicycle trail. Last year, I rode my bike almost every place I went.

Rapid Creek is out of its banks. Like other cities, the bicycle trail thought town is along the creek. With heavy rains like Rapid City got Monday, the trail become underwater. So, I took to the streets.

My 5 mile rides was the worst ride I have taken. I was operating all of the laws as a vehicle. I was wearing a bright color jersey and my flashing taillight was running. I generally stayed in the right lane. People were honking at me. One gay tried to engage me in a conversation from here car while I was riding through town.

Folks would follow me in the right lame for several blocks before they would pass me. No idea why the would not just pass because they had plenty of chances.

One guy in a big pick-up almost clipped me. He could see me well in advance, but he decides to come right up behind me,the passed me very closed - less than a foot between his mirror and my handlebar. I was wrong - I shouted at him about almost clipping me. He shouted some obscenity - like it was MY fault!

This evening I was planning to ride my bike to the Welcoming Social. Since i will have to ride the streets (last year I rode the bike trail to and from the social).

Jerry, you have some very rude drivers here in Rapid City.

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