Monday, May 3, 2010

Lake Manawa Clean-up Day & Trail Report

THOR members were amongst the over 400 folks that attended the Lake Manawa Clean-up Day. The weather was great - for most of the afternoon. After 2 hours of picking up trash (this photo is of the trash picked up in the mountain bike/river dock area).

During the prize raffle, some rain came up. The wind kicked up and the temperature dropped. Three of us THOR members were going to ride the trails afterward, but the weather change caused us to scrap the plan.

We walked most of the east side trails. Most of the trails are in good shape on that side of the parking lot. Today (Monday) I rode the trails, starting on the west (short) side.

The west side is all ridable. There is lots of debris that floated up during the flood. It was very easy to see the "high water" mark.

Most of the East side (long side) trails are dry and debris free (thanks to earlier trail days). The one spot I encountered was at the black pipe. There is about a foot of water in the ditch there.

More photos are on my facebook photo album.

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