Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

The first full day of Spring (Saturday) was a great day to be our on the bike. Light breeze, sunny, in the 70s, what more could you want. (OK, it would be nice to have the trail repaved under Hwy 92 - see photo.)

Head out from Xtreme Wheels, heading to Omaha. Decided to ride the hardtail since the studded tires are off and I had not ridden that bike in a while. Lots of folks on the trails and the Bob Bridge.

Turned back at Millers Landing. Debated where to ride on the way back. Ended up riding the same way back (did not want to ride through town on a Saturday afternoon).

A great ride (one of my few A+ graded rides) - just short of 29 miles. Happy with the 12+ mph pace including over the Bob Bridge, and on fat tires.

Topped over 500 miles for the year so far.

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NaugaBike said...

Update: I e-mailed to the City -

"Many of my bicycle friends are wondering - when will the trail under Hwy 92 along Indian Creek will be re-paved.
The trail has been a mud pit or ice rink since last summer. Any word when the trail work is scheduled to be done?"

Here's what I received back...

"Got the answer for you, this is DOT project and they have 20 days to get this corrected.. Thanks."