Saturday, December 22, 2012

Short Bike Ride

Sunny and about 30 degrees, figured a good day for first ride on the studded tires this season. Parked at the Wabash Trace Trailhead. Trail looked good along ISD and out from the trailhead. The trail had been plowed. Trail surface was sections of snow-pack, ice, wet, and dry.

At the bus barn, rode the street to Mosquito Creek bridge. Was planning to ride the Lake Manawa trail. Unfortunately, that trail has not been plowed. (see photo) A little bit too heavy to ride through.

The bike computer was not registering. Saw that the wheel (and therefore tire) was mounted backward. Was going to ride anyway, except for the trail conditions.

I had selected gloves a little too thin for the weather. Decided to head to the bike shop instead of finding a different place to ride (trails past Lewis Central we also not plowed.

Recently, I have been riding my road bike. Sure is different (more work) riding the hardtail with studded tires!

Replacement bike rack for the car was in and ready - Zach exchanged the racks.

Weather is forecast to turn cold the next few days. Hope we get more "normal" weather yet this year.

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