Thursday, June 26, 2014

Storm Damage/Repairs

 Both the car and house were damaged in the storm on June 3rd.  The car took the more visible damage.  The windshield is cracked (needs replacement)..Hood, rood, trunk, and all left side panels are dented from the hail.  Finally, the left tail light lens is broken.

The car was taken to the mobile claim tent.  The adjuster there inspected the car.  Original estimate for repairs was about $9K.  The adjuster had to sent the info to the home office - deciding to perhaps total the car.

A couple days later, I got the word that they decided to total the car.  However, I was given the option to retain the vehicle.  The home office e-mailed me details of their offer and my options.

Talked with my insurance agent - mostly to understand the ramification of retaining the vehicle verses giving the car to the insurance company and buying a new (used) car.  I decided it was better in my interest to retain the current vehicle.

Photos here show the hail damage to the car.

Like my previous Impala (2002), I drove the car to 207K miles.  For me, the 63K on the 2011 Impala is just broken in.  Stopped in town to get estimate for windshield replacement.  Scheduled that replacement and repaid of the tail lights.

Two contractors have inspected the house and furnished estimates.  Estimates are in the ballpark - near the insurance estimates.  Will use the weekend to review the estimates and make my decision.

Have already talking with my financial adviser. The house needs some work and I had been looking to make some upgrades (anti-plug gutters, painting, etc).  This is the best time to get the work done.

I should comment about working with my insurance company.  My insurance carrier is Allied (part of Nationwide).  The insurance adjusters (car and house) were first in a hurry to settle.  They were happy to settle over the phone.  I told them that I needed pieces of paper that I can look at and review.  They quickly sent me what I needed.  In the case of the car, I asked that the offer e-mailed to me.  It was in my inbox in a couple hours.  Between my agent and the adjusters, they were happy to address any questions I have.  Finally, the settlements are fair.

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Amber Johnson said...

I agree there is a lot of work that goes into repairing after a storm. My home was effected by a tornado and lots of people in our area did as well. It is important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Amber |