Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Had some nasty driving conditions during my trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  Started light fog and damp roads at 37 deg.  The temperature kept dropping.  Hit snow during rush hour in Des Moines Wednesday.  A little snow flurring at about 200 miles.  Rest of the route was just overcast and chilly.

I was staying in a hotel instead of sleeping on my mom's sofa.  No way I could do that for 4-5 nights.  Anyway, I picked up my mom for Thanksgiving.  Had a nice dinner and went to the bowling alley for the annual outing.

Black Friday I slept in and made a quick trip to the outlet mall to pick up some Levis. While out, I drove by my old grammar school building.  Wanted a photo for my memoirs.   Later in the afternoon, I joined my Aunt Audry and Mom for a birthday dinner.  Called it a day. 

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