Sunday, September 17, 2017

It's a Boot Thing

When I moved from Iowa to New Mexico, I left most of my boots.  Over the year and a half since I moved, I found how much I miss my boots.  Slowly, I have added to my collection.

As you can see, most at cowboy boots.  With them, I have invested in snap-fastened western shirts, cowboy hats, and some nice belts.

The pride of my non-western boots is the 16" loggers.  You may notice there are no rubber boots in the collection.  The weather here in the Albuquerque area is not very conducive to rubber boots.  But I am thinking of adding some rubber boots to the collection.

Yes, I do have 2 pair of sneakers that I brought with me, but seldom wear them.  Picked up a pair of cleats at a local surplus store.  I love my boots.

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