Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Starr Brothers Brewing

Today's "Old Geezer" lunch was at Starr Brothers Brewing om San Antonio in Albuquerque.  I opted for the Red Zepplin Ale and Patty Melt with Fries. (They did not have an Amber or Scottish ale.)

The ale was palatable, but I have had better. The fries seemed to be good - firm, crispy on the outside, but a bit soft on the inside.  The beef patty was cooked the way I like then - medium well.  I did not like the pickle spear parts in the sandwich.  I would have preferred the pickle on the side which many other places have done.

We were presented out checks on a computer table.  I was just told the total and the server swiped my credit card.  I could choose my tip and then sign the check with my finger.  I did not get any paper copy of my check.  I would have liked to have a paper copy for my records (like what I had and what it was called for this blog).

I cannot recommend this establishment for lunch. In addition to the things about the food that I did not like, not getting a paper copy of my bill was most disturbing. I would have liked to see the changes.  The on-line menu shows the sandwich is $11, but no price for the pint of beer. 

Next week's lunch is planned to be at Monks in the downtown area of Albuquerque.  Not sure that I will make that luncheon because of it's distance from my house.

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