Monday, November 17, 2008

Symposium Day 3 and CARP Ride

My day started with a bike ride downtown to the Convention Center. A beautiful morning.

Like yesterday, there were rolls and coffee for Trail Talk. I sat in on "The Impact of Trail Events". The talk centered around trail fundraising events.

All attendees gathered for a general session to discuss the future of trails. Four well versed trail advocates presented to "living room" talk of the history of the National Trails. Then participants got their "mike time". Comments were recorded and plans are to have the comments on the American Trails web site.

Broke into smaller groups for Concurrent sessions. I attended one titled: Improving the Built Environment: How urban trail systems and Complete Streets Provide Connections Within Cities.

In the afternoon was Mobile Workshop time. For me, it was mountain biking at Camp Robinson - lead by CARP (Central Arkansas Recreational Pedalers. OH it was a great afternoon to be in the woods, on my bike!

The day ended with the American Trails 19th National Trails Banquet.

OH, by the way, my trail bike (Trek Fuel EX7), topped 1100 miles today.

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