Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lots of Riding, Little Blogging

Over the last several week, I have been riding a lot - just not much blogging. Lets see - the news...

Made my first ride from Silver City to Malvern. The Trace was in pretty good shape. Four deadfalls need to be removed. There are also some deep ruts from a ATV or some such in the area of Janke Rd. Rode the hardtail - had a good ride.

We had a trail night work session at Lake Manawa. The trail was lopped and some dirt bike ruts were repaired. Work was done in No Second Chance - 2 log crossings/rides. Riding Friday there, saw lots a tracks. Many peeps riding the trail there.

Word is that the DOT had paved the Indian Creek Trail under Hwy 92. GREAT! No more mud under that bridge!

More tweeks of the shifters on the Fuel EX7. Blaine reworked the whole drive train. About a week from its first birthday, with nearly 1600 miles! The hardtail (Trek 4300) now has over 3500 miles! With the ergonomic handlebar grips, I am riding more with the hybrid (Trek 7200FX).

On my ride Friday, I hit the 700 miles mark for the year. I just keep pedaling.

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