Friday, April 3, 2009

Manawa Dirt Ride

Today I was able to ride all of Manawa. It was the first full lap since the snow.

With the March winds we have had, there are some trees, limbs, and branches are down on the trail. I have forwarded information to the Trail Leader. There is a planned trail day at Lake Manawa in the 14th.

The trails here are in good shape. The ruts left by the motorbike are starting to heal. Some spots will need some human intervention (shovel/rake, etc). Trail surface is firming up nicely. For my ride (1 1/2 laps) I averaged 7.4 mph. Pretty good for me, at this time of the season, and with the trail conditions.

Weather was good. I worked up a sweat, rode over 11 miles, and ended up tired. Legs are a little sore this morning.

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