Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Sunday on Wabash Trace

Another sunny, windy day. And, an unusually warm day (about 20 degrees above normal!). Warm wind from the South - a good direction for a ride down the Trace.

Headed out from Silver City. Rough riding into the wind - could make about 9 mph. Stopped on the Silver Creek Bridge. Dennis was also on the Trace and stopped at the bridge. Visited a little with him. I headed South, he headed back to Mineola.

My drive train started slipping - in 3 and 5 from the largest cog. I stopped in Malvern to decide if I will return or ride on, saw that my problem was a vine in the drive/around the cassette. Pulled the vine off the drive trail and did a quick test ride. Proper shifting is back!

So, rode on to the South from Malvern. Found a deadfall over the trail at mile 384. Not surprising with all the strong winds we have had this Fall. My last ride on the Trace there were 2 deadfalls between Silver City and Malvern. These had been cleared. In spite of the large number of dead trees, the Wabash Trace Crews do a great job keeping the trail open.

Made it down to White Cloud. That's 12.5 miles, so time to turn back. The section down to White Cloud is due East/West. Rough riding with the stiff cross wind. Stopped at the West Nishna bridge for a photo. Another stop at Malvern to refuel. Finally back to Silver City.

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